No more running reports, shuffling through deals, and fetching what you need.  Discover the most powerful and simple to use insurance sales pipeline; a system that saves time and drives sales.

Made by agency owners for agency owners and their sales agents. Saves a TON of time and DRIVES increased production through smart design, focusing your team on what matters, and automation.

Ask about:
- Referral program module
- Source tracking module
- How agents save 2+ Hours
- How it actually makes money

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Your Agents Will Sell More

Total Sales Focus

Prioritized Active List
Next Action Focus
Goal Setting & Tracking
Live Production Feed (Sidebar)
Cross Promotion Tracking
Automated Revisits of Deals Not Bound

Save 2+ Hours a Day

No more shuffling around
No more stickies
No more running reports
No more spreadsheets
No more clunky CRM or AMS
Know more forgetting, fetching, chasing.

Sell Much More!

Prioritized without any distractions!
Built in referral nurturing from COI's & clients
Built in cross promotion (life to p&c, etc.)
Automated revisits of non-bound deals
No more lost or forgotten deals.
Total transparency save time & drives sales.

This happens without agents remembering to "fetch" anything.  Amped delivers.

You Will Enjoy Higher Profits & Much More Freedom 

Stay Informed

Key Production Metrics Emailed to You
Reports are live. Nothing to "run" or fetch.
How is each lead source performing?
How is each agent peforming?
Where is the business being placed?

Easier to Coach

Weekly talking points report makes it easy
Recognize patterns for each agent (i.e. which stage of sales process is weakest)
Transparency pushes agents to improve
Agents are nudged by system to do better

Amped Drives Sales

Makes agents totally obsessed with sales
Encourages cross-promotion within team
Keeps everyone focused on winning
Helps improve marketing & lead gen
Nurtures referrals from COI's and clients

All of this happens without you needing to "fetch" anything.  Amped delivers.

Bonus: Access to Amped Sales Classes - For FREE!!!

We want to help your agents sell more for you!  Users of amped gain access to advances sales courses we provide for FREE.

  • How to Set Up Amped for First Time

  • Amped Overview - The Basics

    +How Amped’s design uses cognitive science to nudge users to be more effective sales people.
    +Why so many servicing systems kill sales and how Amped solves these problems quickly and easily.
    +Common questions like “Double Data Entry?” and how to get rid of the “hidden” data entry in most agencies.
    +Basic intro into Adding Deals, Active List, Auto Actions, Sidebar, Referral Nurturing, and Live Reports.

  • How to Impliment Amped Agency-Wide

    +The 1 habit change that makes everything else follow naturally: the 10 second rule.
    +Helping agents learn to be totally focused on “next actions” moving deals through sales process to bound.
    +Making the sales meeting the 1 hour you get more accomplished than most do in 50 hours. Powerful!
    +How to work less and get more accomplished by just changing 1 thing at a time using Amped to support the change.

  • Secrets to Agency Leadership

    +How to help each agent set production goals that challenge, inspire, and motivate.
    +Avoiding pitfalls like accidentally letting your agents think it’s YOUR job to make them successful.
    +Tips like how to walk the halls, record and compare, using stick or carrot, and other ideas on leading.
    +Why and how owning the sales process makes it easier to recruit and lead others while minimizing “split” concerns.

  • How to Win the Insurance Game (courses for your agents)

    +Setting life goals and them to insurance production for maximum levels of commitment & drive.
    +The 4 daily habits to win: 10 Second Rule, Next Action Focus, Next Day Planning, Practice
    +Winning the Mental Game: own results, embrace discomfort, beat procrastination, etc.

  • Super-charge Sales (Our favorite topic!)

    +How to get the results you want by controlling the sales experience. Using a playbook to make it easy.
    +The secrets to the “effort curve”. Why focusing on the beginning of the process is better than the end.
    +Tips and tricks to identifying niches, developing marketing, and going after the clients you really want.
    +How to nurture more referrals. Avoid common pitfalls (like trying to sell mom out for a slice of pizza).
    +How and why behind lead source management. Doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
    +Importance of connecting fast with prospects. The when and how to do this.
    +How to have a perfect first conversation with prospects that gets you off the price battlefield. Very powerful!
    +More secrets including how to quote less but mind more, proper follow up, etc.

Don't underestimate what these courses can do for you and your agents!

  • ​#1 Secret called "THE TEN SECOND RULE": How this simple habit transforms any agency into a policy selling machine.
  • ​Brilliant Trick to Save 2 HOURS Every Day: With this simple habit, your agents will shave off around 2 hours a day! 
  • ​Weird, Counter-intuitive & Brilliant Reason top producing agencies have a separate sales system separate from the service system and it SAVES time.
  • ​New Agents Become Top Producer: Amped takes new hires from newbie to being a top producers in as little as 90 days!    
  • ​Never Run a Report Again: Amped gives you relevant, actionable, and timely information delivered to you. Don't fetch data like a dog. 
  • ​How to Get Stuff to Stick: You'll know how to make new processes finally stick from here on out with almost no ongoing effort from you.
  • ​The Science of Goal Setting: This alone will increase production in a big way! Set monthly goals and track production to goal real time.
  • ​The True #1 Secret to Get Off the Price Battlefield: Forget talking coverage, services, or anything else. The TRUE secret to getting off the price battlefield.
  • ​Rewire Your Agent's Brains! No more excuses, lack of drive, procrastination or avoidance of discomfort. Turn your agents into sales machines. 
  • ​How 1 Hour Outperforms 50. A specific how-to guide on getting more done in 1 hour than most get done in 50. Hint: Nothing to do with time management! 
  • ​Cut Budget in 1/2 & Double Quality Leads. This secret process will work! It can provide so many quality leads your people will have a hard time keeping up. 
  • ​#1 Production Killing Mistake by Owners. 99% of owners make this mistake unknowingly but Amped makes it so easy to fix!

"The most cool, easy, & powerful way to take total control over the sales in your agency." 




Totally Solo?

Are you a super small agency?  Maybe you'll only need one or two users?  Contact us and we can discount the price a bit (right now we must go in and manually edit it for this option).  Please request a demo or contact us.


$99 a month

Per Agency for First 20 Users

  • Live Pipeline w/Stages
  • Active, Snoozed, and Bound Deals Lists
  • Next Action & Auto Actions
  • Referral Nurturing Program
  • Internal Cross-Promotion
  • Live Reports
  • Sidebar to Keep Agents Focused
  • Automated Production Reports to You
  • & More.
  • PLUS Bonus Training Material

It's all included!

Your card will NOT be charged until after the 14 day free trial. From there, it would be charged once a month for 99. If it's not a fit, just cancel.

More than 20?

Do you have more than 20 users?  Contact us for enterprise pricing and services.

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